The emergence of SMACS (Socials, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud and Security) has brought about the digitalization of mostly everything that affects our everyday lives. As a Custom Software Development Company in the Philippines, Digiweave, Inc. has placed its bet on the Digitalization of the Filipinos love and passion for a very active lifestyle, basketball, in particular.

Pinoyliga takes the Pinoy Basketball to greater heights by providing a website and mobile application that pushes us away from the traditional pen and paper way of gathering statistics. Now, real time stats will be made available online for Pinoy Ballers to see. Another value placed by Pinoyliga is the Pinoy Baller Profile that each player would have. Digital for the Pinoy Baller is HERE AND NOW! So we encourage all players to take that jump and go the next level of their game. The app is made by people who equally love basketball and understand the ins-and-outs of this beloved sport.

This our banner work in developing lifestyle-related platforms in the Philippines. We believe that our country is all set and ready to witness the evolution from the conventional way of doing things to digitalizing the many activities that we do. With this, we aim to develop and continue to improve the way we do things.

The Digiweave Team will stay awake and will always be on the lookout for the minute to be turned into digital. As a tech start up, ideas will always be fresh and will always be relevant to the emerging class of digital natives that has placed a lot of dependency on the internet. Very soon, new ways and means will emerge. We will surely be at the forefront of these technological advances—weaving to make the process efficient, fast, simple, and available to all.

Yours Digitally.

Benny Benitez
President and CEO, Digiweave, Inc.